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Curtain led display


Photo Gallery Description
P18 Curtain LED display Model: P18CF-KRS Physical Pitch:18mm Physical Desity:3086pixels/m2 LED Shape&Size:SMD 3IN1 5050 LED arrangement:1R1G1B
Photo Gallery detailed instruction

The special slim and light weight design of rental cabinet guarantees  fast installation and transportation. The selection of the robust components ensures the life time of the panels, especially when used during road shows or in a harsh working environment.

The cabinets are equipment with rigging points and rig-locks at the top and bottom , for quick installation of the display.

Delivers high-resolution images with extreme brightness levels.

Ideal for rental and stage, stringent selection of 3-in-1 SMDs based on a very narrow bin to enable flatness tolerance of the display surface within 1mm 

Hight reliability with data hot backup, to avoid any communication risks