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Curtain led display


Photo Gallery Description
P25 curtain LED display Model:P25CF-KRS Physical Pitch: 25mm Physical Desity: 1600pixels/m2 LED Shape&Size: SMD 3IN1 5050 LED arrangement: 1R1G1B Module Resolution : 1×32
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High  reliability:  data  hot  backup  aims  to  avoid  any  communication  risks  during  the  show;  support automatic fault detection

Refresh rate up to 4,200Hz, completely flickering-free for live video.

Thin and lightweight design allows easy handling and installation.

Stringent selection of LEDs and components are to used in bright sunlight and rain, ideal for use at all outdoor locations


Light weight, only 12.5kg for a module size of 576mm x 576mm
Slim profile
Fast to install using new fast-rig locking system.
Simple to use
Exceptional image quality, full pixel color and brightness calibration.
Silent operation, no exhaust fans.
Weather proof, IP65 rated front and back.
Full outdoor brightness, minimum 5,000 nits
Retop own brand outdoor rated 4040 3-in-1 SMD