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The display measure approximately 13feet high by 46 feet wide, will allow for maximum flexibility for messeage guide to direct motorists to their destinations with the facility. And it can provide commercial advertisment to inspire more impulse purchases. Besides, the led display also can allow t...
Taking place over a two-week period, the 8 x 1 panel (8.192m x 0.768m) 10mm screen was suspended from a crane in the city’s Potters Fields Park. Mounted in a frame, it provided a unique form of interactive entertainment.
New Mobile led display  2012/06/11
Project Description Product:Outdoor 16mm led display (Mobile) Model: P16OF-KRS Screen Size:4.096m width by 3.072m height Country:Netherland
Project Description Product:Outdoor 10mm led display Model: P10OA-KRS Screen Size:3m width by 1.6m height Country:US
With the Middle East advertising market being one of the fastest growing in the world, there is great potential revenue from the effective use of led screens. Central Doha is a prime location which KEROSA screen is now bringing the benefits of its clear, uniform images to range of advertisers.
with new 5m x 3m led display installed, Kerosa Led screen have been taking a very important role more and more in one ice skating club of Albania.
R. Fernando and his company had previously installed one digital display at his first location, but it was not a good performance on Leds while there were only few people note that. With one not good experience in the purchasing work, he come with his company are very careful about this new busin...
When SAMSUNG electronics opened a new plant in Vietnam, they wanted to have a way to communicate directly with customers. It is very important to let people know something news in the plant.
Mohammad Mahdi owned hotel front property in Lybia. After being approached by multiple displays companies about leasing the space for a led display, Mohammad decided to purchase and installs his own led display for his leasing business.
Indoor-8mm-led-display  2010/08/09
The ability to announce any sale, special or message at any time is a powerful means to capture the attention of the thousands of people who pass your business every day.