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On Premise Led Sign


Photo Gallery Description
Pixel Pitch:16mm Module Duty:1/4 Character Height:4.5" ~ 9" Color Availability:Full Color Control Type:WIFI, RF, CAT5 Brightness:5000 Nits Viewing Angle:140 Degree Horizontal
Photo Gallery detailed instruction
LED sign series covers a full range of products ,mainly including three types of indoor ,semi-outdoor ,and outdoor .Single color products have red ,green ,blue ,white ,yellow ,optional ;double color screen can display red ,green ,yellow ;full color screen can display red ,green ,yellow ,blue, white and other mixture colors .
LED indoor strip screen ,LED outdoor strip screen ,LED semi-outdoor single color LED screen, LED dot matrix billboard strip screen ,LED moving sign screen ,car-carrying LED strip screen ,LED taxis advertising strip screen ,GPRS/GSM wireless electronic strip screen ,telephone control LED strip screen ,car-carrying LED advertising screen ,single yellow /red car-carrying strip screen ,etc. All are widely used in factory and firms ,transport banking ,taxation ,commercial ,stock ,government ,institutions ,health care ,custom, store or shops ,etc.