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Model: P25OD-KRS
Pixel Pitch:25mm
Module Duty:1/4
Character Height:8" ~ 16"
Number of Lines:1-2 line
Color Availability:Red, Green, Yellow
Control Type:WIFI, RF, CAT5
Brightness:5000 Nits
Viewing Angle:140 Degree Horizontal
Life Span:Over 100,000 Hours (10-11Years)
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Low Energy Consumption 
By choosing Led signs or by upgrading to LED from neon or incandescent, you can save up to 90% in energy costs. LED signs are energy efficient; they reduce energy costs and also decrease the amount of CO2 emissions compared to any other light source. 
25MM PITCH TRI COLOR LED SIGN                                              
Red Green Yellow, High Quality, Clear Resolution 
The 25mm pitch Tri Color led modules deliever superior shading accuracy and excellent viewing at any distance,but especially at close rannge. 25mm Pitch signs are offered in a variety of standard sign sizes,ranging from small ot very large,in 16.5-inch increments. 
The Tri Color goes above and  beyond the monochrome Led signs by attracting more people with the variety of different colors 

Pixel Pitch 25mm
Module Duty 1/4
Character Height 8" ~ 16"
Number of Lines 1-2 line
Color Availability Red, Green, Yellow
Control Type WIFI, RF, CAT5
Brightness 5000 Nits
Viewing Angle 140 Degree Horizontal
Life Span Over 100,000 Hours (10-11Years)
Operation Temperature -20°F ~ 120°F
Input Power 110~220V Standard
Installation Indoor or Outdoor
Special Effects 10 Effects
Graphic Capability Text, Animation, Pictures
Time, Date Included
Temperature Optional
Back Cover Aluminum/steel
Die-Cast frame Aluminum/steel
Project Case
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