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Model: P25OA-KRS
Pixel Pitch:25mm
Module Duty:1/4
Character Height:8" ~ 16"
Color Availability:Full Color
Control Type:WIFI, RF, CAT5
Brightness:5000 Nits
Viewing Angle:140 Degree Horizontal
Life Span:Over 100,000 Hours (10-11Years)
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Advanced LED Cabinets
Built with a front-door cabient. The serviceable front type signs are outdoor signs that are typically mounted on poles or on walls outside of buildings. Repairs can be made easily without taking down the sign. Also it designed to keep the weather out, protect the internal electronic components, and is built with the highest quality steel.

LED Vandal Covers
The individual LEDs in a DayStar are protected from vandalism, graffiti and UV damage by a polycarbonate matte finish vandal cover. Unlike an exposed LED design, this vandal cover prevents damage from thrown objects and windborne debris. There is never any need to clean around and between the thousands of LED pixels should vandals throw egg, mud or paint at the display.

Versatile Displays
Double-sided LED displays have a parent/parent relationship, allowing different messages to be shown on each side. Scheduling software allows you to display messages at certain times; down to the minute and up to a year in advance! All messages and schedules are stored onboard the sign, preventing computer and power problems from affecting your display.

Video & Graphics Capabilities
In addition to text, your DayStar LED display can show your own video clips, animations and still images. Attract even more attention with an array of special effects for transitioning frames on and off the display. Create interest and movement designed to draw the eye to your message!


Pixel Pitch 25mm
Module Duty 1/4
Character Height 8" ~ 16"
Color Availability Full Color
Control Type WIFI, RF, CAT5
Brightness 5000 Nits
Viewing Angle 140 Degree Horizontal
Life Span Over 100,000 Hours (10-11Years)
Operation Temperature -20°F ~ 120°F
Input Power 110~220V Standard
Installation Indoor or Outdoor
Special Effects 10 Effects
Graphic Capability Text, Animation, Pictures
Time, Date Included
Temperature Optional
Back Cover Aluminum/steel
Die-Cast frame Aluminum/steel
Project Case
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