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Model: P25OS-KRS
Pixel Pitch:25mm
Module Duty:1/4
Character Height:8" ~ 16"
Number of Lines:1-2 line
Color Availability:Red or Amber
Control Type:WIFI, RF, CAT5
Brightness:5000 Nits
Viewing Angle:140 Degree Horizontal
Life Span:Over 100,000 Hours (10-11Years)
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Proven to be doubled more effective than regular signage, this product is perfect for small business's wanting to instantly display LED text messages of store specials, sales promotions, product info, wanted ads and much more.
This LED single color display can be used for indoor or outdoor use and is visible from 10ft to over 800ft away.
 Our  LED sign series is the most affordable advertising solution that's guaranteed to increase your company's walk-in traffic and sales from 15-150%.

Instantly display multiple text messages
Maximum Exposure - up to six times more
Effective than traditional billboards
Available in a 16mm, 20mm or 25mm pitch
Available in multiple colors and sizes
120 degree viewing angle
Visible from over 500ft
Optional Wireless control system
User friendly software programming
Multiple file format compatibilities
Long durability and high reliability
Low maintenance cost
Energy efficient LED display technology
Weather resistant cabinet
Modular construction for flexible sizes
2 year manufactures warranty


Pixel Pitch 25mm
Module Duty 1/4
Character Height 8" ~ 16"
Number of Lines 1-2 line
Color Availability Red or Amber
Control Type WIFI, RF, CAT5
Brightness 5000 Nits
Viewing Angle 140 Degree Horizontal
Life Span Over 100,000 Hours (10-11Years)
Operation Temperature -20°F ~ 120°F
Input Power 110~220V Standard
Installation Indoor or Outdoor
Special Effects 10 Effects
Graphic Capability Text, Animation, Pictures
Time, Date Included
Temperature Optional
Back Cover Aluminum/steel
Die-Cast frame Aluminum/steel
Project Case
on premise led sign
on premise led sign
outdoor led sign
outdoor led sign
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