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Worldwide coverage with a World Class Staff of Technicians are on call because we know how important your business is to you. We are dedicated to offering the best service possible to our customers before, during and after the sale, and our network of dealers are already familiar with our reliable technical and sales support.
Free Resources & Information
Want to better understand the benefits of an LED sign and how it can help increase your growth? Sign up to get all information available on the KRS website and here in the Dealer Support Centre.
Installation Assistance
KRS offers a total turnkey solution for all clients. Your led display is a large investment so it is our job to ensure that it lasts and operates effectively. Here are a few things you can expect during your LED display installation project with KRS
  1. Personal Project Manager
  2. Finalize Artwork and Renderings
  3. Physical Site Survey
  4. Engineering Drawings
  5. Nationwide Network of Installers
  6. Fabricate Components
  7. Debugging and training
Tech Support & Troubleshooting
Online services contacts are in the lists to help identify and fix trouble areas.KRS tech support representative are available to answer questions 24-7 days a week. So there's no need to wait on hold. Database Management KRS stores your LED display's entire sales history, including any tech calls you've made in the past. These records are invaluable when troubleshooting individual LED displays. There's no need to waste time repeating (or remembering) service history. We can serve you better and faster because everything is right at our fingertips.
Quick Quotes
KRS sales know how crucial it is for you to have a quote without delay. Every dealer request for a price quote is answered as quickly as possible, and in most cases that means mere minutes.
Customer Service
Whether you're an end user or a dealer, we welcome any LED signage questions and comments that you may have-no matter how big or small. Please call 86 755 2981 2673 or E-mail