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sports led display


Photo Gallery Description
Pixel pitch: 16mm Pixel density: 3906dots / ㎡ Pixel configuration: 2R1G1B LED specification: DIP546 1:Soft mask in the front protects the display from damage. 2:Fold holder make it easy to transport and maintain. 3:Easy-master control system. 4:High refresh rate and color calibration function guarantee high display effect
Photo Gallery detailed instruction

a. Single-pixel correction technique applied to each pixel, each module, each screen box and the whole body, so that the screen shows the effect of a perfect white balance. 
b.  Automated color calibration, color temperature adjustment function, parts per million to obtain the calibration allows you to live a perfect image. 
c.  High refresh rate up to 2000Hz, made the LED display screen more stable and effective to prevent the filming of the stroboscopic phenomenon. 
d.  Professional sports player software, high-performance fiber-optic transmission, effectively reducing the broadcast signal in the process of delay to ensure the live broadcast and the synchronization system of accuracy appear.