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Stage Led Display

Model: P10.417C-KRS
Pixel pitch:10mm
Pixel configuration: 3535 SMD 3 in 1
Brightness:4000 nits
Refresh rate:800Hz
Colors:281 Trillion
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Products detailed instruction


Convenient and Safe Installation:

The Wind Series LED curtain is fast lock designed with rapid assembly and disassembly, as well as ensuring the flatness of the installed whole display;

It is shown from the testing data by the third-party testing institutes: the bearable ultimate tension of the assembly body reaches up to 10000N, and is available to bear 20 lines of products;

Easy to Maintain:

The curtain adopts the unique LED strip module structure and the modularized power and signal integrated structure, easy in maintenance (2 minutes available for replacement of single LED module, 5 minutes available for replacement of power box); and it can display the working state of power and signal; in the event that any display doesn’t work, it is available to help you quickly determine “what does matter really?” and also make the proper maintenance measures;

Individually Removable and Replaceable:

Any faulted part on the whole display can be directly removed and replaced without removal of other products, thus helping you solve any sudden failure quickly;



Highly Protective and Applicable to Rainy Weather:

It is shown from the detecting data by third-party professional institutes: the protection level of wind series curtains can reach up to IP65, and the product is applicable to any rainy weather, thus can be used in outdoor environments;



The weight of single cabinet is only 8.5-12.5 kg, easily picked up by one person, greatly convenient for installation and movement.



The product adopts the strip module structure, its transparency rate reaches 15% -35%, and its air resistance is very low, applicable to windy weather;


Its thinnest edge is only 95mm, taking less space, saving your stage space and transport & packing space, thus greatly convenient for installation and movement

Professional-grade Connectors, Safe and Reliable:

The connectors adopt professional aviation connectors, safe and reliable, the protection level is not lower than IP65, and it’s available to be quickly assembled and unassembled;

Qualified in Many International Standard Certifications:

The product is designed in strict compliance with the corresponding international standards such as CE, RoHS, FCC



Pixel pitch

10.417 mm



Refresh Rate


Pixel configuration

SMD 3 in 1

Hor. viewing angle

140° (min 50% brightness)

Vert. viewing angle

140° (min 50% brightness)


100,000 hours to 50% of initial brightness

Power consumption

290W/panel (avg), 800W/panel (max)

Panel dimension

500mm x 1000mm x 95mm

Panel resolution

48 x 96

Panel Material


Weight / Panel

10 kg

IP rating

IP 65


16 bit/color


281 Trillion

Recommended Min Viewing distance


Grey scale (linear)

65,536 levels per color

Link interface


Operating temperature

-20 - 45°C

Storage temperature

-20 - 50°C

Operational humidity


Storage humidity



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