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Stage led display


Photo Gallery Description
Pixel pitch:12m Pixel configuration:SMD 3in 1 Brightness:1600 nits Colors:281 Trillion Panel Size:576mm x 576mm x 70mm
Photo Gallery detailed instruction

Die-casting is the newest technology of LED display cabinet

1. Flexible and Creative mechanical structure Support different shapes installation, create infinite stage styles.

2. Lightweight mechanical design is suitable for fast assemble and dismantle, reduces transportation and installation costs.

3. Precise mechanical design ensures fast and seamless connection.

4. SMD 3 in 1 technology delivers high contrast ratio and ultra wide viewing angle. Natural and vivid colors, sharp and smooth images and visual impact, not only to attract attention, but also create a unique stage atmosphere.

5. 20 bit processing depth, achieves high level of color reproduction, expands color gamut and shows natural and smooth images.

6. With brightness and color calibration, the brightness discrepancy is less than 2%, and chroma precision is accurate to 0.001. Especially we provide onsite calibration services which enable to keep uniformity for different batches and products used for years, greatly improves display performance.

7. Fanless design ensures whisper-quiet operation.

8. Support multiple signals and switch with ATLVC and ATLIP, maximum meet the requirements of the rental industry.