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Stage led display


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Pixel pitch:12.5mm Pixel configuration: SMD 3 in 1 Brightness:2000 nits Refresh rate:800Hz Colors:281 Trillion Panel Size:400mm x 800mm x 55mm
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The arrival of the digital age has brought revolutionary requirements to the traditional Audio-Visual forms. Conform to the development trend of the times; LED product has become completely new carrier for the concerts, TV live, press conferences, sport events, exhibitions and conferences. The vivid and brilliant colors, amazing stage effects and creative style, could perfectly demonstrate variety of performances.

Creative design, transparent, lightweight, thin, high brightness and all this features give LED screen amazing stage expression at audience area. The portable design meets the demands of fast assemble and dismantle in different application. KRS LED SCREEN could realize countless shape under different requirements. It is widely used in carious creative events such as large-scale concerts, exhibitions, fashion shows, indoor and outdoor architectures and stadiums, etc.