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Stage led display


Photo Gallery Description
Pixel pitch (mm):12 Cabinet size (mm):960*768*180 Brightness (nit):8,000 Module size (mm):192*192 Pixel configruration (R, G, B):2R1G1B Pixel matrix per module (dot):16*16
Photo Gallery detailed instruction

Rich color :combined by three colors(Red ,Green,Blue) display cell board .Each color (red,green,blue)with 256 gray can show 16,777,216 colors ,and make the electronic screen display dynamic images of rich colors ,high saturation ,high resolution ,high frequency;

High brightness :adopt ultra-brightness LED ,clearly visible in far distance ;

Good effects :adopt non-linear correction technology and module design technique ,more reliable and higher stability ;

Display mode diversity :support a wide range of display mode :

Easy to operate :adopt general video player software ,the system is very convenient to operate .

Scope of application:

Large-scale sport stadiums ,railway station waiting room ,television programs live broadcast sit ,exhibition building ,performing arts centers ,entertainment place ,large-scale art show ,concert etc.

Specification:P2.5, P4, P4.75,P6,P7.62,P8,P10,P12,P16.